24/07/2018  /  Ballroom Records

Here’s the new Ballroom Records Radioshow!

New name,
new brand,
new artwork,
still the same format.

4 years after the first episode of the Eagle Sessions was created AlBird decided to take the show another step ahead. As he recently became a part of Ballroom Records it makes best sense to combine those two forces into one.


So from today on the Eagle Sessions become the BALLROOM RECORDS RADIOSHOW.


The show itself will stay the same basically, sometimes it might happen that label-boss Kaiser Souzai joins-in in hosting the show.

Also check out our new website for all the information regarding this show
as well as for any other news about our label, our artists and of course ourselves.

The links for streaming will be updated soon and you’ll also find them in the description.

Guestmix this week is coming from, yeah you guessed it right, label honcho Kaiser Souzai himself with a set of only tracks and remixes coming from his base. Check it out in the second hour of the show.

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Setlist 1st hour (AlBird):

  1. Circle of Life – Moj Beograd (Original Mix) – Beatfreak Recordings
  2. Maksim Dark – Coordinate (Original Mix) – Senso Sounds
  3. Infinite Low – Mentis Imperium – Natura Viva Black
  4. Adellacosta – Decisions (Original Mix) – Egothermia
  5. Oscar L – Space Dog (Lexlay Remix) – Happy Techno Music
  6. Glenn Morrison & Dave Ohms – Tribes Man (Patrick Kunkel Remix) – Natura Viva
  7. kLines – Activation (Original Mix) – Reload Black Label
  8. Del Horno – Everyday (AlBird Remix) – Stickrecordings
  9. Ben Champell – Fullmoon (Original Mix) – Sonusfield Records
  10. Martin Stoilkov – Sunrise Baby (Original Mix) – Set About
  11. Patrik Berg – Mythos (Original Mix) – Transmit Recordings
  12. Raul Facio – Serpent (Original Mix) – Octopus Black Label
  13. Martin Stoilkov – Boundary Zone (Original Mix) – Set About

Setlist 2nd hour (Kaiser Souzai):

  1. The Journey – Cooee – (Kaiser Souzai Remix) – Ugenius Music
  2. Kaiser Souzai – Entity (Chicago Loop Remix) – Throne Room
  3. Miceerobenics – Julika – (Kaiser Souzai Remix) – TBA
  4. Toni Rios – The Wild Club – (Kaiser Souzai Remix) – BluFin
  5. Naash – L03 – (Kaiser Souzai Remix) – Carton Pate
  6. Kaiser Souzai – Plastic Dreams (Dj Lion Remix) – Patent Skillz
  7. Kaiser Souzai – Amun-Re (Matt Sassari Remix) – Ballroom Rec
  8. Kaiser Souzai – Kaiser Souzai – The Old Gods (Original Mix) – Ballroom Rec
  9. Kaiser Souzai – Cthulu (Original Mix) – Ballroom Rec
  10. Kaiser Souzai – Resistance – Throne Room
  11. Kaiser Souzai – Rakoon (Original Mix) – Ballroom Rec
  12. Kaiser Souzai – Love (Original Mix) – Ballroom Rec
  13. Kaiser Souzai – Bleeker (Original Mix) – Ballroom Rec