30/07/2019  /  Ballroom Records

Ballroom Records Radioshow #233

What’s new?

Couple of releases coming up:

Darragh Casey – Replicant EP

Darragh Casey with his Relplicant EP on our new Ballroom Purple Sublabel (pre-order now: bit.ly/PURPLE001)


Tomas Otero – Atomic EP

Tomas Otero with the Atomic EP on our Ballroom Records (pre-order: bit.ly/blrm057)


Dok & Martin, FriGiD (CR) – Traffic Jam EP

Dok&Martin, FriGiD (CR) with the Traffic Jam EP including Stefano Kosa’s Remix on Ballroom Black (pre-order: bit.ly/BLACK001)


Further tracks in the first hour coming from upcoming Ballroom Black Gems and Secret Gems releases by Modest Crow, Banazonic, George Adi and Joe Fisher who’ll have his EP on Ballroom Records.

Also a remix coming from my end for the track “Double Trouble” by Simina Grigoriu and BBDeng on Kuukou Records.

Pre-order here: https://www.beatport.com/release/double-trouble/2647661v



Takeover in the second hour comes from partner in crime here at Ballroom Records with an exciting new project! This is Kaiser Souzai alter ego Purple Kaiser! Listen to the second hour of the show for his first ever set as the Purple Kaiser!

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Tracklist 1st hour (AlBird)

  1. Joe Fisher– Telurio (Original Mix) [Ballroom Records]
  2. willing & abel – Seneca (JYDN & Amuze Remix) [Recovery Collective]
  3. George Adi – Solution (Original Mix) [Ballroom Records]
  4. Modest Crow – Moro (Original Mix) [Ballroom Records]
  5. Tomas Otero – Galaxy (Original Mix) [Ballroom Records]
  6. Banazonic – S.P.A.M. (Original Mix) [Ballroom Records]
  7. Carlo Ruetz – Origin (Original Mix) [Set About Music]
  8. Maksim Dark – Routine (Original Mix) [Soupherb Records]
  9. Simina Grigoriu, BB Deng – Double Trouble (AlBird Remix) [Kuukou Records]
  10. Vasco UG – Overdose (Original Mix) [Say What Records]
  11. Dok & Martin, FRiGiD (CR) – Traffic Jam (Stefano Kosa Remix) [Ballroom Black]
  12. Simina Grigoriu, BB Deng – Double Trouble (Alberto Ruiz Remix) [Kuukou Records]

Tracklist 2nd hour (not available)