25/12/2018  /  Ballroom Records

Here’s a 2h set by label boss Kaiser Souzai who selected a nice Ballroom Records-Only Set of 2 hours as a little special for this year’s festive period!

01. Belocca – Subconscious (Original Mix) [Ballroom Records]
02. Paradoks – Final Elevation (Original Mix) // Ballroom Records [Ballroom Records]
03. AlBird – Gagagei (Original Mix) [Ballroom Records]
04. Lewis Delay – Visions (Original Mix) – Ballroom Records [Ballroom Records]
05. Kaiser Souzai – Kaprun Days (AlBird Remix) [Ballroom Records]
06. Kaiser Souzai – Bleeker [Ballroom Records]
07. Disobedient – Ex Machina (Original Mix) – Ballroom Records [Ballroom Records]
08. DJ Lion – Stintchat (Original Mix) – Ballroom Records [Ballroom Records]
09. AlBird – Blackbird (Original Mix) // Ballroom Records [Ballroom Records]
10. AlBird – Mauersegler (Kaiser Souzai Remix) [Ballroom Records]
11. Kaiser Souzai – Sequoia (Marco Lys Remix) [Ballroom Records]
12. Josh Vox – Tattoed Angel (Original Mix) [Ballroom Records]
13. KALIL – Bloom (Original Mix) – Ballroom Records [Ballroom Records]
14. Josh Vox – Blumen Der Verzweiflung (Kaiser Souzai Remix) [Ballroom Records]
15. Kaiser Souzai – 1981 (Original Mix) [Ballroom Records]
16. Ale F & Crazy Sonic – Terminal A (Original Mix) [Ballroom Records]
17. Nick Reverse – The Cat Is Watching You (Barbuto’s Basement Mix) [Ballroom Records]
18. Kaiser Souzai – Rakoon (Kaiser Souzais Darker Mix) [Ballroom Records]
19. Kaiser Souzai – Amun-Re (Matt Sassari Remix) [Ballroom Records]
20. Oliver Gruen – Algorythm (Original Mix) [Ballroom Records]
21. Del Horno & Carlos Perez – TWO (Original Mix) [Ballroom Records]
22. Kaiser Souzai & Roland Clark – The Voice (Junolarc Remix) [Ballroom Records]
23. Jiggler – Way Out (Original Mix) – Ballroom Records [Ballroom Records]

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