08/08/2017  /  Eagle Sessions

Welcome to the Eagle Sessions Episode No. 130

We have a couple of new tracks out there at the moment and coming up during these couple of days.

Indian DJ and producer Ash Roy teamed up with Kount for the EP Hiss/Miss and it’ll be out this Friday August 11th on Ballroom Records as a Beatport exclusive.

Also this Friday, same date comes another fresh release on Beatfreak Recordings by Vlada Asanin called Piper.

Some more great tracks in the first hour are coming from the likes of Geist, Oscar L, Ronnie Spiteri, Luigi Rocca, Matt Sassari, Victor Ruiz and many more.


Guestmix in the second hour comes from the very north of Germany. It’s Mieso a young and talented artist from Rostock. Inspired by Artists like Oliver Koletzki, Oliver Huntemann, Solomun or Carlo Ruetz he developed his own style of music. He’s also starting his own techno events in Rostock soon. So if you’re around the area on the 19th of August you should come to the Bunker for the Tanzkombinat Rostock.

Facebook Page: Mieso: https://www.facebook.com/mieso.official/

Setlist 1st hour:

  1. Luu – Close Call (Cameron Thias Remix) – Gretchen Will Tanzen
  2. Sebastian Markiewicz – Nitrogen (Kunkel & Moog Remix) – Tulipa Recordings
  3. Davina Moss – Fineplay (Original Mix) – Lapsus Music
  4. Geist – The Fallen (Original Mix) – Tulipa Recordings
  5. Oscar L – Groomaker (Original Mix) – Happy Techno Music
  6. Ronnie Spiteri – Simple Minds (Original Mix) – Fusion
  7. Luigi Rocca – Muse (Pavel Petrov Remix) – Heinz Music
  8. Matt Sassari – Jubilee (Original Mix) – Milk Crate
  9. Ash Roy, Kount – Hiss (Original Mix) – Ballroom Records
  10. Vlada Asanin – Colleteral Damage (Original Mix ) – Beatfreak Recordings
  11. Phunk Investigation & Jean Aita – Mushroom – BluFin
  12. Dense & Pika – Suki (Original Mix) – Drumcode
  13. Victor Ruiz – Stardust (Original Mix) – Suara

Setlist 2nd hour:

  1. Altego & Aacht – After Rain (Original Mix)
  2. Rauschhaus – Stories of Plants and Robots (Original Mix)
  3. Cliff de Zoete – Ixkun (Original Mix)
  4. Ran Salman – Insanity (Original Mix)
  5. Pete Oak – Noctua (Original Mix)
  6. Fur Coat – Twenty Eight (Original Mix)
  7. Alex Justino & Monobloq – Crotalus (Original Mix)
  8. Several Definitions – Pass Attack (Original Mix)
  9. Mind Against & Aether – Solaris (Original Mix)
  10. Einmusik – Pristine (Original Mix)