17/10/2017  /  Eagle Sessions

Here’s the new episode! Eagle Sessions #140!!!

Right, it’s again this time of the year! It’s time for the Amsterdam Dance Event this week. Of course we’ll be there so if you’re around and wanna catch up just drop a line.

What have we got for you this week releases-wise:

There’s a new one out there coming from Swiss friends Rawls Music. Marc Rumour with Oriental is out and about now!

Ben Teufel’s got a new one on My Favourite Freaks called ‘Do You Remember’ and it’ll be out this Friday the 20th of October.

And a brilliant EP is coming from Lexlay. It’s called ‘Hard Girls EP’ and it’s out on Witty Tunes now!

Further tracks in the first our are coming from Melvin Reese, Taster Peter, Khainz, Danito & Athina, Yousef in a Carl Cox remix, D-Unity in a Metodi Hristov Remix, Miguel Bastida and many more…


Guestmix in the second hour this time comes from Ben Teufel. I follow his music and his label Antura Records for quite some years now and I really dig is passion and energy for music.

There’s already two tracks of him included in my first 60mins mix one coming up on My Favourite Freaks this Friday the other one out already on Decay Records called Mind Black.

Setlist 1st hour (AlBird):

  1. Days Are Dying – (Don’t) Fight Your Demons (Original Mix) – Late Night Munchies
  2. Melvin Reese – Day Walker (Rik Watts Remix) – Maintain Replay
  3. Marc Rumour – Oriental – Rawls Music
  4. Taster Peter – Carnal Red (Original Mix) – Upon You Records
  5. Ben Teufel – Do You Remember – My Favourite Freaks
  6. Khainz – Lost (Original Mix) – Heinz Music
  7. Kokks & Lein – Less (Original Mix) – 303Lovers
  8. Ben Teufel, Luis Martinez – Hypnotize (Original Mix) – Decay Records
  9. Lexlay – Hard Girls (Original Mix) – Witty Tunes
  10. Danito & Athina – Venus (Original Mix) – Eklektisch
  11. Yousef, The Angel – Vanity feat. The Angel (Carl Cox Remix) – Crosstown Rebels
  12. D-Unity – I Can’t See (Metodi Hristov Remix) – Set About
  13. Miguel Bastida – Acid Brand (Original Mix) – Be One Records

Setlist 2nd hour (Ben Teufel):

  1. Luixar KL – Batman
  2. Lue George & Juan M. – Mae
  3. Harry Romero – Soul is Another (Leon Remix)
  4. Alexic Rod – Herakleion
  5. Emery Warman – Firebox (Stefano Noferini Remix)
  6. Basti Grub – Move Your Body
  7. George Dexx – Panzer
  8. Antony Pl & Paul S – La Seniora
  9. Paul Haro – The Move (Luixar KL Remix)
  10. GruuveElement’s, Arno Stolz – People Dancing (Felipe Cobos Remix)
  11. Marco Grosso – Wobble
  12. David Garez – Come With Me (Ellroy Remix)
  13. Ben Grunnel – Push It