Kaiser Souzai – 1981

Ballroom Records BLRM003 22/06/2015

It is known that we, Kaiser Souzai, do love Artrock and Soundtracks. So after releasing
our 12 min epic “1976” on Trapez, we decided to release our next homage of this kind
on our newly founded BALLROOM label here in Berlin. With “1981” we moved 5 years
ahead in time, when the director John Carpenter put a certain Snake Plissken into
action, to rescue the president of the United States from a prison island, Manhattan.
The typical 80ties arpegiator sequences and the soundtrack like break are the homage
to that time of music and moviemaking. Of course we have beefed this up with some
heavy bottom bass and drums to get your booties kicked. To sum it up, we were fortunate to get Techno studs Alberto Ruiz and Carlo Ruetz to add two great remixes to the package. Enough said, let’s bring it on.