Kaiser Souzai – Lurking Humans EP

Ballroom Records BLRM015 09/05/2016

Berlin tastemakers Kaiser Souzai are back on their own label, Ballroom Music with ‘Lurking Humans’, a three track EP full of their signature tight beats, rolling basslines and sharp percussions. Starting the package off is ‘Humans And Others’, a futuristic mash up of techno alongside a strong groove, laser stabs and clashing high-hats – followed by ‘The Beauty & The Beauty’, equally addictive with it’s hard techno style, haunting breakdowns and searing synth patterns. Last but certainly not least is ‘Mr Lurk’ a deep, dark and atmospheric production, linking jacking drums with a raw bassline that almost divinely accompanies it’s melodious hook.

A stand-out EP from a duo who has hit the world of techno with such force, it would be a surprise to not know their name. Touring across the world to join some of the most renowned names in the industry, Kaiser Souzai have further spread their wings with their label, Ballroom Music, signing some of the worlds most up and coming names – it’s only natural that they drop one of their own.

Lurking Humans is set to cause dancefloors some considerable chaos and will be out on Ballroom Records end of April, 2016.