The Scumfrog – Hideout

Ballroom Records BLRM007 25/08/2015

Some may be quick to say that leaps and bounds are afoot for deep dance dealer Jesse Houk, otherwise known as the Scumfrog, but they probably don’t realize this isn’t his first rave rodeo. The Dutch-American has been splotching the scene with his celebrated sonic scum since the turn of the millennium, having built a repertoire in both commercial and underground realms. The dude has ditched the former for the latter in recent years, however, which only goes to show he never let the success he’s shared with names like David Bowie and Sting go to his head.

Reverting back to his roots is clearly playing in his favor, as seen with the hiatus-breaking heater “Send Wave” on Hot Since 82’s Knee Deep in Sound imprint. Now positioned in a power stance, he is about to hop in with his next offering, “Hideout,” which is set to land on Ballroom Records next month and is backed by label-heads Kaiser Souzai. It’s a dirt devil of a driver, whirling in a frenzy of frothy tech house textures built from swinging hats, thudding stabs and dizzying melody lines.