Here comes a very special new release from us here at Ballroom Records!

As you’ve probably noticed we’ve decided to create two new sublabels, Ballroom Black and Ballroom Purple to specify each label’s sound rather than being one label doing it all!

So the classic Ballroom Records will return more to it’s origins with a more progressive and melodic electronic sound rather than the main room techno on Ballroom Black and the more laid-back and deep touch of Ballroom Purple.

Here we are with the 57th release on Ballroom Records with a very talented youngster from Buenos Aires, Argentina called Tomas Otero.

Tomas delivered a very strong 3 tracker EP called Atomic.

It’ll be out on the 5th of August, 2019 and is already available on Beatport for pre-order now

Order your copy now or just listen to the tracks: