„Dreaming underneath a starlit sky,
trailing to the west,
searching for a sun that never sets.
Yearning for a world that rests;
living in the everlasting now.
“Purple Kaiser”
is creating music for present moments in time.
Your soundtrack to life.” [Purple Kaiser]

I have- with my beloved Alter Ego Kaiser Souzai – created very danceable electronic music ranging from progressive tech to driving techno for the better half of the last decade and I will continue to follow that path, but I also felt it was time to go back to my roots as a drummer, guitarist and analog musician in general and create music again that is not only looking at the dancefloor, but also can be listened and dived into outside the late night techno mood.

I wanted to be more experimental, play guitar, sing, play drums or have great vocal artists to work with me and create deep moments for eternal moods. So I’m happy and proud to present my new project “Purple Kaiser”.

My first release “Spreeside”; a hommage to my hometown Berlin, will be on renowned Bar 25 music label this late summer 2019, which features “She knows” on vocals and a very nice N’to remix. Picture yourself on a sunny afternoon in August on the Oberbaum Brücke
watching the river Spree float by.
Feel home.

The original instrumental version of “Spreeside” will be featured upfront on the Bar 25 100 compilation., coming late July 2019.