03/09/2019  /  Ballroom Records

Ballroom Records Radioshow #238

New Episode of our weekly Ballroom Records Radioshow!

Two new “Gems’ VAs” are out and about right now.

We’ve got the new “Secret Ballroom Gems Volume VI out now on Ballroom Records and the “Black Gems Volume One” on Ballroom Black. Both of them with nice features from Beatport’s side and already first sights of charting.

Also a new EP is coming up by Monococ next Monday, September 9th on Ballroom Black!


This week’s Takeover comes from a good mate here in Berlin who’s sound I adore for quite some years now. It’s Matchy who’s sent me his recently recorded set from the “SonneMondSterneFestival 2019 on the Katermukke Beach! (check out the full set here:


And don’t miss out on Matchy’s latest releases on labels like Beatfreak, Lauter Unfug and especially Katermukke with the track “Irreversible” which is in Beatport’s Progressive Charts in within the top 10 for quite a while now!


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Tracklist 1st hour: (AlBird)

  1. Patrice Baumel – Roar (Adana Twins Remix) [Watergate Records]
  2. Moonwalk – Euplea (Original Mix) [Stil Vor Talent]
  3. Fideles – Harmed (Original Mix) [Afterlife Reocrds]
  4. Mike Griego – Paranoid (Original Mix) [Plattenbank]
  5. Paradoks – Passage (Original Mix) [Dear Deer]
  6. AlBird – Starling (Original Mix) [Jannowitz]
  7. Harada – Come Closer (AlBird Remix) [Modart Music]
  8. AlBird – Macaw (Original Mix) [FreiKlangKultur]
  9. Arches – Lazizah (Original Mix) [Ballroom Records]
  10. Kaiser Souzai – Kaprun Days (AlBird Remix) [Ballroom Records]
  11. AlBird – Mauersegler (Kaiser Souzai Remix) [Ballroom Records]
  12. Gunnar Stiller – Rannug (Original Mix) [Ballroom Records]
  13. AlBird – Rauchschwalbe (Original Mix) [Ballroom Records]