03/12/2019  /  Ballroom Records

Ballroom Records Radioshow #251

December is here, so it’s the start to the festive period of the year!

Co-labelhead AlBird played the Hammahalle at Sisyphos, Berlin last weekend and we’ve decided to use two hours for his three hour set for this week’s episode of our podcast!

Check out loads of new and upcoming stuff from us here at Ballroom Records, especially the Black label and loads of other great techno bangers.

If you wanna listen to the full set follow this link: http://bit.ly/2P469e2

Enjoy the show

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1    Maharti – The Jinnx (Original Mix)

2    Monococ – Nowhere (Original Mix)

3    Dok & Martin, FRiGiD (CR) – Ultra City (Original Mix)

4    Bry Ortega – Freier Geist (Original Mix)

5    AM.I – Different Tastes (Original)

6    Daniel Testas – Halcyon (AlBird Remix)

7    Stiv Hey- Waves of Light (Filterheadz Remix)

8    Kaiser Souzai – Adella (Fifteen Bullets Rehab)

9    Uto Karem – Warp FM (Metodi Hristov Remix)

10  Steven Shade – Void (Original Mix)

11  Markantonio, Lerio Corrado – Conventional Dreams (Original Mix)

12  Maharti – Clave Kick (Original Mix)

13  Monococ – Runway 45 (Original Mix)

14  Devid Dega – I’m Not Regular (Original Mix)

15  Simina Grigoriu – Mama Ayahuasca (Original Mix)

16  MESS:IAH – Tootski (AlBird Remix)

17  Lander B – Magnum (Metodi Hristov Remix)

18  Ramon Tapia – Ramon Tapia – Plastik (Original Mix)

19  Kaiser Souzai – Bulldozer (Fifteen Bullets Rehab)

20  Adoo – Percussion Night (Eric Sneo Remix)

21  Monococ – Timewarp (Original Mix)

22  AlBird – Amsel (Gonçalo Remix)

23  Kaiser Souzai – Kaprun Days (AlBird Remix)

24  Frankyeffe, Teenage Mutants – Run (Original Mix)

25  Bervon – The Silence (Original Mix)

26  Anna Unusyan – Hidden Life (Original Mix)

27  Abstrakt UK – Abstrakt UK – You Play Tonight (Original Mix)

28  Patrick Milaa – Rocka (AlBird Remix)

29  Davide Nigro – Damnatio Memoriae (AlBird Remix)

30  AlBird – Kestrel (Tomas Otero Remix)

31  Spartaque – Space Cat (Original Mix)

32  Thomas Hoffknecht – Relax (Original Mix)

33  Cari Golden, DJ Kon’ – Fire (Original Mix)

34  Lilly Palmer – Listen To Me (Original Mix)

35  Caitlin – Freaks & Misfits (Victor Ruiz Remix)

36  DJ Jock – Distant Lands Of Unknown (Original Mix)

37  Christian Hornbostel, Richie Hawtin, AlBird – CLOSE combined (Sensor Acid Overload)